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A poster distributed by the Alliance of Free Democrats (SZDSZ), a liberal political party founded in 1988 in opposition to the Communist Party in power in Hungary. This poster alludes to the martyrs of the 1956 Soviet invasion to put down the Hungarian revolution. Imre Nagy and his associates who had promoted a "New Course" for socialism were buried in plot "301" of a Budapest cemetary, and Hungary itself is represented in this poster by a puddle of blood.


Alliance of Free Democrats. “301.” Reproduced by permission from The Gelman Library, Friends of the GW Libraries, the National Security Archive, and the Woodrow Wilson Center’s CWIHP, Goodbye, Comrade: An Exhibition of Images from the Revolutions of ’89 and the Collapse of Communism, March 10 – December 30, 1999 (Washington D.C.: The George Washington University, 1999), 13.

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