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Vote With Us


A poster distributed by the Polish opposition party Solidarity, urging Poles to vote with them against the Communists in the election on June 4, 1989. Solidarity won the election in a landslide inaugurating the first non-communist government in East Central Europe in more than four decades.


Solidarity. “Vote With Us.” Reproduced by permission from The Gelman Library, Friends of the GW Libraries, the National Security Archive, and the Woodrow Wilson Center’s CWIHP, Goodbye, Comrade: An Exhibition of Images from the Revolutions of ’89 and the Collapse of Communism, March 10 – December 30, 1999 (Washington D.C.: The George Washington University, 1999), 24.

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Solidarity, "Vote With Us," Making the History of 1989, Item #656, (accessed May 28 2021, 3:24 pm).