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Jessica Mack @ CLAH 2021

Dr. Jessica Mack, a postdoctoral fellow at RRCHNM, will chair and present in a panel titled "Building Modernization: Urban Megaprojects in 20th Century Latin America" at the Conference on Latin American History's 2021 annual meeting. Dr. Mack will present her work titled "Building the Lettered City: Planning and Construction in Ciudad Universitaria, 1950-54." You can watch the panel online on Sunday, January 10, at 4:30 p.m. See all events


Welcoming Jason Heppler to RRCHNM

RRCHNM is pleased to announce that Jason Heppler will be joining us this June as a web developer. Jason is well known in digital history circles for his exciting and pioneering work on data visualization, community engagement, and environmental and urban history. His best known work which he led or to which he contributed as […]

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DataScribe is a structured data transcription module for Omeka S. It provides an easy-to-use interface for users to identify the structure of the data within their sources, accurately and quickly transcribe data into a format amenable for computational analysis, and export their generated datasets for that analysis. Scholars often collect sources, such as government forms […]

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